We have just released a new theme PLOL to our portfolio. PLOL is a user generated content wordpress theme perfect for funny images websites. It allows font-end image uploading, unlimited color schemes and so on.

As you may guess, PLOL is inspired by damnlol.com, a website focus on viral images. Now it’s your time to build your own funny image site with PLOL in minutes, on WordPress.

comes with a clean Front End Image Upload form, so you can now save hundreds of hours to upload the images on your own and let your visitors create the content for you. All you have to do is to check the submitted images and make your approval on the front-end.

plol unlimited colorsThough PLOL is by default using the DARK style as damnlol.com, but don’t let it limit your imagination. With the Color options, you can set any color to any piece of your website.

No more crap here, click below link to check the details of PLOL.

See PLOL details